Next generation

Lithium-ion separator

The ZNL-separator reduces risk of thermal runaway and increases useful life.

Achieved through the unique material properties that restricts electrolyte transfer while allowing ionic transportation

The separator is developed for all common Li-Ion chemistries.

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Disruptive technology

In recent years, many companies have been working on solutions to address this issue, and ZNL Energy’s separator for Li-ion, Na-ion and Zi-ion batteries is showing massive potential as a product that could make a significant impact in reducing the risk of fire hazards.

ZNL Energy’s technology is a disruptive innovation that could potentially transform the battery industry. Our separator ZNL-NPx can prevent the flow of electrons in the event of a thermal runaway, which is a phenomenon that can occur when a battery overheats and can cause a fire or explosion. This technology has the potential to improve the safety and reliability of lithium-ion batteries not only for electric vehicles but also for other applications such as portable electronics and energy storage systems.


Separator material

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Ion transportation number

0.8 - 0.9

Ion transportation method





10^-3 - 10^-4 S cm^-1



Glass Transition Temperature


Working temperature

Tested from -30°C to +70°C

Flammability rating UL-94


Life cycles

No clear limitation

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