Our vision

ZNL Energy is working towards a safer and more sustainable tomorrow.

At ZNL Energy, our vision is to create a safer and more sustainable tomorrow through the development and implementation of innovative battery technologies. Our disruptive ZNL-Separator for lithium batteries is a cutting-edge technology providing safety and longer life span. Our zinc-ion battery technology provides the best solution for energy storage and our licensing program provide not only technology but technology as a service.



Concept development


Proof of concept

December 2021

ZNL Energy AS established

April 2022

Concept demonstration

June 2022

1st generation Zn-ion battery cell

December 2022

Second prototype- the pre-a zinc-ion battery cell

Q1- 2023

Established new separator for lithium-ion batteries

Q2- 2023

Pre-engineering the center of excellence


Pilot production, license agreement


Enter the European and US market

For both the ZNL-Separator and the ZNL zinc-ion cell