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ZNL Energy brings power options to the market

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At ZNL Energy, we understand that the future of our planet depends on the development and implementation of green technologies. However, we recognize that the scarcity of minerals is becoming an increasingly pressing issue, as well as the importance of proper health, safety, and environmental focus for the battery industry.

That’s why we have developed both the disruptive ZNL-Separator for lithium-ion &  Sodium batteries that we are planing to manufacture large scale both in Europe & US and a complete zinc-ion battery cell for stationary energy storage, available for license manufacturing.

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Technology offering

Zinc-ion battery cell

Next generation battery technology

Non-porous seperator ZNL-NPx

Next generation battery technology

Our mission

Positioned in the battery industry, as a technology provider for battery cell

Our mission is to ensure that there are alternatives to the current battery
technologies out there, that not only progresses the industry, but that the
technologies themselves can drive sustainability in the industry.

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